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Tooth Whitening Treatment

Things You Need To Know About Tooth Whitening



Your personal appearance may have a profound influence on how others view you. Your look tells much about you. Neat personal appearance may include soft skin, shiny hair, and a perfect set of white teeth for a “dashing smile.” However, what if nature doesn’t offer this gift to you? Or maybe, your teeth are discolored, stained by smoking or by food and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine or blackcurrant ?  Or discolored by taking certain medicines? T artar can also be a factor.   The color of your teeth can make a huge difference to that first impression.



For this reason, many people are conscious of how their teeth look, and tooth whitening has become a popular way of getting shiny teeth. Even people who are not satisfied with the natural hue of their teeth get their teeth whitened. O ur teeth can get more discolored as we grow older. Tooth whitening is a highly effective method of lightening the teeth’s natural color without removing any tooth surface. It may not guarantee a total change in color, but it can lighten the existing shade.


Sometimes, a single tooth only can be whitened. For example, after being root treated, the canal may be reopened and can cause discoloration for the dead tooth. Whitening product can be applied to work from the inside and whiten the tooth.

Home kits VS Laser

Some may ask, “Which is preferable, teeth whitening treatments performed by your dentist or using home kits?” Home kits are less expensive, but because tooth whitening is a complex procedure, you might as well have it done by a dentist. Over-the-counter kits sold in some drug stores may not be that effective. They usually contain only a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and may not lighten your teeth noticeably.  The higher the quantity of hydrogen peroxide the more noticeable the whitening effect – obviously for safety reasons home kits are not nearly as powerful as the treatment you can get from a  dentist.


  Whitening toothpastes might not change the natural color of your teeth, but they could be an effective stain remover and could, therefore, improve the overall appearance of your teeth. After having the tooth whitened professionally, they could help the whitening outcome to last longer. However, look for the accreditation symbol first to see to it that the claims have been scientifically and clinically checked by the experts.


Professional bleaching is the most common method of tooth whitening. The complete treatment is usually done within three to four weeks. You have to visit your dentist twice or three times.   At the first appointment, your dentist will need to assess your teeth. Your dentist can tell you if it is advisable for you to have the treatment. If it is, then they will perform the treatment.


L aser method used to whiten the teeth is perfect and faster. It is a shorter procedure and involves the use of a special laser and gel that is applied to the teeth.  The results are immediate – but you’ll notice that your teeth get even whiter over the next few days. Laser whitening process is not recommended for children and nursing or pregnant women.


The Process

Firs, the dentist puts a rubber shield or a gel on your gums to protect the gums. Then he applies the bleaching product to your teeth by using a dental mouth tray like a gum-shield which fits into your mouth. Usually, the dentists purchase and use hydrogen peroxide at a concentration between 15% and 50% as the active ingredient, or 22% carbamide peroxide. As mentioned above, at-home products can only give less percentage of hydrogen peroxide concentration. For this reason, teeth whitening carried out by dentists achieves whitening results much more rapidly. While the active ingredient breaks down, the oxygen gets into the tooth enamel and the color becomes to lighter.


Then the laser is shone on the teeth.   It takes time although laser light minimizes the number of modules, which is generally true in other teeth whitening methods. The light speeds up the chemical reaction of the whitening product and generates heat that activates the bleaching solution on the surface of your teeth.  After an hour, you can go out with a winning smile. By this procedure, the color changes more quickly. It can make the teeth lighter up to five or six shades.

However, no matter which method you choose, the whiteness of your teeth will depend on the natural hue of your teeth and on the reason of the discoloration. Brown or yellow teeth usually get whiter. Gray teeth will be difficult to lighten and is not guaranteed to whiten. Moreover, t ooth whitening can only work on your natural teeth. It cannot work on dentures, crowns or veneers.

Can this Harm You?

The formula is guaranteed safe.  The Academy of General Dentistry states that: “Several studies, during the past years, have proven bleaching to be safe and effective.”  There are some cases of tooth sensitivity during and after treatment.  Some find their teeth to be sensitive to cold during or after the treatment. Others experience discomfort in the gums, sore throat or patches on lines of the gum.


But these are usually temporary side effects and should disappear after a few days.  This could be due to the amount of bleaching applied or merely the exposure of the teeth to that substance. But on the contrary, it may improve your gum health. If any of these symptoms continues, you should consult your dentist.


It Pays to Be Always Careful

After the procedure, your white teeth can last up to many years. The stains may disappear for years or for some months only. That would depend on how you take care of your teeth. If you would still practice your lifestyle that caused your teeth to be stained, obviously, it will appear again rather fast. Then you will have to start it again from the top.


Save your money for other valuable things. Be sure to take good care of your white teeth. Brush your teeth twice daily preferably with fluoride toothpaste. Avoid those factors that can discolor your teeth again. Stop smoking if you are, and be choosy on your food and drinks.  While it’s not popular advice, the truth is visiting your dentist regularly makes a big difference to your teeth.