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Braces versus Invisalign- Find out how to have straight great teeth without brace face

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We’ve all heard it, brace face or metal mouth but having your teeth corrected no longer has to be a traumatic experience new almost invisible braces are changing the life of adults and children across the US.

The psychological effects of braces on any sensitive kid or teenager can be tough. If you are an adult it can be hard too. This can affect the way people interact with you, how people view you in your job or indeed affect your social life. Now however, dentists are able to fit Invisalign braces.

What are Invisalign braces?

They are see through, removable, bespoke braces for your teeth. The great news about these type of braces is that kids can at last feel less self conscious wearing them and as their name suggests are invisible and are often unnoticeable in some cases.

There are a number of difference between say an Invisalign retainer and old fashioned braces although they both serve to straighten and correct orthodontic issues:.

The Pros of Invisalign

1) The aligners can be removed if necessary for important occasions.

This is because they are not permanently attached to your teeth. This allows wearers a certain freedom.

2) Aligners are worn for two weeks.
A treatment normally takes around one year to complete. During this time your teeth will slowly be straightened to achieve the look you want as long as you stick with the plan your orthodontist gives you.

3) Invisalign braces have smooth and comfortable edges.
Old style braces can catch on gums and cheeks making them sore and irritable, invisalign braces have smoother edges so this problem is less apparent.


4) Teeth and gum cleaning made easy!

Because the Invisalign retainer can be taken out, you can undertake a regular dental hygiene routine without having to negotiate around clunky metal braces.


5) Patients will see a computer simulation of the alignment!

Being able to see before and after shots thanks to computer simulation can help people stick with the regime and is highly motivational.


6) The Invisalign retainer moves the front teeth after the back have been sorted

This is said to make the whole process more comfortable for patients young or old.

The cons of Invisalign

1) There can be no doubt that Invisalign is more expensive than traditional braces which cost around $5,000. Invisalign costs can range from anywhere between $3,500 to $8,000 which can be hard for those on a tight budget.

2) There can be a delay of over a month for impressions. Each set of impressions will help move the teeth into the correct position. The delay in delivery can be a problem for some people

3) Speech problems Some people have said that as a result of the Invisalign retainers they have developed a lisp or similar speech issues.

4) New aligners twice a month! Every two weeks a new set of Invisalign braces is needed and this can cause pain as they are fitted very closely to the teeth. Some people suffer from this more than others.

Although the cost can be high, more often than Invisalign braces are prefered by most patients. The “invisible” nature of the braces means that patients can feel as normal as the next guy. They may no longer feel that they stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons. They can also help with confidence issues and the flexibility they afford means that they are a popular choice.