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Going overseas for dental treatment

The Highs and Lows of Dental Treatments Abroad

As the fees for cosmetic dentistry have continually risen, many have opted to travel abroad instead and get their dental concerns addressed elsewhere. These skyrocketing prices are felt particularly by UK and US residents. Cosmetic dentistry services especially for veneers, crowns, implants and bridges are becoming more and more expensive. People are looking abroad to get their teeth fixed for a much lower fee. However, there have to be certain factors that need to be considered.
Upon making the decision of going abroad for a dental treatment, you should ask yourself how much you will actually be able to save. Since the dentist is in a foreign land, how sure are you that the dentist is qualified? Do they even use the same techniques and materials used by the resident cosmetic dentists in your own country?
Popularly called as a “Dental Holiday”, many neighboring and foreign countries have adapted to the trend. Countries such as Slovakia, Piestany and more are now offering competitive prices for cosmetic dentistry services. You get the same treatment and if you know where to look, you get an even better treatment for a much lower price.

These dental services are still private, just as in the United Kingdom but are not so expensive.
There are varied reasons as to why many choose to have dental treatments abroad but statistics show that the price difference is at the top of the list. Of course, people would opt for the cheaper services abroad because at the same time they can combine it with a Mediterranean or exotic vacation. However, the ultimate decision should rely on you and not merely on the experiences of the people whom you know have gotten their perfect teeth from abroad. In order for you to make a wise decision, look at the pros and the cons of the different factors and questions you have to consider before you decide to jump ship or stay put.
It is important that you know as much as you can about the dental procedure you want to be done to your teeth. The more informed you are, the better able you are to make a wise decision. Basically, each and every cosmetic dentistry procedure is done in the same way regardless of the country you go to. There may be different options as to how to accomplish the procedure but the end result should be the same and that is to get a better, if not perfect, set of teeth.

The advantage of knowing the dental procedure is that if you go abroad, the language barrier won’t be a hindrance to you getting your dream set of teeth. You will be able to correct the dentist if you can point out that he or she is doing something differently with regards to the procedure. The disadvantage of going abroad for dental treatments would be  your lack of information regarding the procedure. If you do not know the dentist and don’t speak the same language, you can end up receiving the wrong service. It would be very bothersome to have travelled such a distance and not being able to get the procedure you wanted in the first place.
Next factor you have to consider is deciding what country to go to. There are many countries offering cosmetic dentistry. Never let the temptation of a wonderful vacation supersede the importance of getting dental services for a lower price. A great vacation destination should not be the deciding factor of where you should go to have your dental treatments done. The reputation of the country’s dental treatments and their dentists should be your primary reason for choosing a country to go to.

The advantage in going to a foreign country for a dental treatment is that you get to have a vacation at the same time, not to mention the great difference in the prices of their dental treatment packages. The disadvantage becomes more evident after you’re done with the treatment and have to go through dental follow-ups. If you go to your home country’s dental office, going back for follow-ups would be cheaper and the commute is much easier, compared to going back and forth to a foreign land just to have your teeth checked. You end up paying more in travel fare than for your dental treatment.
Since the phenomenon of Dental Tourism has risen to new heights, another advantage you get for going abroad to receive dental treatments is that there are willing agencies that will help you out. These agencies operate solely for guiding and placing clients safely and properly to their chosen dental destination. The benefits in joining such agencies include arranging the full trip to a foreign country, you get to have English speaking assistants or correspondents who will organize your appointments to the dentist, manage your day trips, and arrange your accommodation as well as airport transfers.

As promising this trend sounds, many experts warn British residents not to get too excited by the idea. Though you may get cheaper dental treatments in another country, you have to keep in mind that you are making a number of risks. One of the risks you are taking is to put your dental health and aesthetic in a stranger’s hand. You do not know the dentists as well as you do in your native land. You might not even speak the same language and it is undeniable that the cosmetic dentists in the United Kingdom have received and undergone much extensive training than in other countries.
Yes, it is devastating to know that dental services in the UK and USA are getting so expensive. However, there have been actions to address this problem. If going abroad for a dental treatment is too extreme a move for you, you can consider looking into dental insurance. This can help in covering and meeting the costs of your dental treatments in your own homeland.

Whatever your decision may be, you should put your dental health as the top priority second only to your budget. If you have researched thoroughly enough on a dentist abroad and feel confident about his or her capabilities, then feel free to do what you must. Dentists in your home country will be happy to assist you in your follow-ups regardless of where you had your teeth done, but you run the very real risk of paying substantial amounts to put it right.