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Gum Contouring- Gummy Smiles Be Gone!

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Sick of that gummy smile and wish your teeth were more in proportion with your gums? The solution is not that hard to achieve. Thanks to gum contouring a simple procedure undertaken by your dentist can help change the way you feel and smile almost right away!


What is gum contouring?

It may sound gross but in actual fact gum contouring or gum reshaping, is a simple cosmetic dental treatment that can be used to improve the look and feel of a person’s teeth and whole smile. People who have this treatment often have what is known as “gummy smile” and it’s when the amount of gum showing when a person smiles overtakes the amount of teeth exposed. This is a particular problem for a person’s self confidence and self esteem

This condition can be due to a number of factors including genetics, general health or prescriptions associated with high blood pressure. Gum contouring is a fast and pain free procedure and results can be seen almost immediately.

What’s involved?

The procedure is often undertaken using a scalpel. However, the use of laser devices is becoming more common thanks to a breakthrough in technological advances. The laser or scalpel is used to remove any extra gum that overlaps the teeth. Despite sounding painful it is in fact both quick and pain free as a local anaesthetic is used. The scalpel process is a slightly longer treatment compared to the use of a laser which has the bonus of sealing blood vessels as the procedure is undertaken thus reducing blood lost.

Don’t worry you won’t feel anything once a local anaesthetic is applied your dentist in addition to trimming away the gum will also work to reshape the existing gums too so you can achieve a more cosmetically pleasing result. Healing is quicker if the laser is used as the blood vessels are cauterised during treatment.

Sometimes during treatment the removing and reshaping of your gums doesn’t fix the whole problem. If this is the case then the dental practitioner may need to remove some of the bone into which your teeth normally sit. This decision is made by your dentist, and although it may seem a little scary to some it is not a difficult procedure. Don’t be surprised if your dentist suggests you may need veneers or possibly crowns to complete the treatment, this will help with the overall look and feel of your smile.

Pros and Cons of Gum Contouring

Gum contouring treatment can without a doubt help to improve for many people both their smile and self-confidence. However, as with nearly all treatments it’s important to be aware of the small risks and side effects that can occur with this procedure.

The healing process is faster if a laser is used compared to the use of a scalpel and due to the administration of a local anaesthetic treatment is pretty much pain free. Sometimes if too much gum is removed it can make it hard for the gum to heal fully and on occasion gum swelling can occur. Don’t worry this can and will be treated as necessary.

However, as with all treatments the advantages of gum contouring has meant that many thousands of Americans have had improved self confidence and a better, broader smile!